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Red, white and pool: Light up your Fourth of July party

best led swimming pool lights fountain
Hammacher Schlemmer
Mostly, pool lights are there as a safety precaution. After all, you don’t want to go for a quick dip in the evening, only to find a moose taking a leisurely lap around your swimming pool. But they can add an aesthetic touch, too. The light show doesn’t have to end when the fireworks fade on the Fourth of July. These three products will keep your pool lit, beautiful, and inviting long after the smoke clears.

Envy Pool Stool with LED unit ($229)

Envy - Pool Stool with LED Unit

Billed as “the most unique swimming pool accessory ever created,” Envy’s Pool Stool provides a decorative seat that can be used both in and out of the water. A self-contained sand reservoir keeps these stools submerged, while 54 LEDs provide a wide range of colors. These illuminated seats are also adjustable, which allows their height to fluctuate between 22 and 31 inches and renders them ideal for pool up to four feet deep. If your pool already has too much color, Envy also offers the pool stools without LED lights, in one of three colors (sandstone, black granite, and white).


Hammacher Schlemmer Floating Lighted Pool Fountain ($60)

Floating Lighted Pool Fountain Thumb

The Floating Lighted Pool Fountain from Hammacher Schlemmer can’t compare to the high-flying spectacle of Fourth of July fireworks, but the buoyant decoration does provide a pleasant waterworks display for up to five hours. The fountain shoots red-, green-, blue-, and yellow-hued jets of water up to three feet in the air. It also has 15 downward-firing LEDs that can simultaneously project additional colors on the bottom of the pool. This floating fountain will paint your pool a variety of colors, but you don’t have to get wet to turn it on or off — or adjust the display — thanks to a 50-foot-range remote control.


Smart & Green Flatball XXS LED Indoor/Outdoor Lamp ($119)

Smart & Green - Flatball XXS LED Indoor/Outdoor Lamp

The Flatball XXS LED Lamp can light the path down to your pool, provide mood lighting for some late-night drinks, or create a serene scene on the water. These polyethylene “works of art” from Smart & Green operate in three different modes — static, changing color, and flickering candle — and work for more than five hours before they need to be recharged. According to the French-based company, the color changing mode cycles through 160,000 colors.


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Dan Evon
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Apple patent aims for more streamlined control of your home lighting
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It’s not uncommon for a patent filing to send the rumor mills into overdrive, and a recent Apple patent has succeeded in doing exactly that. The patent describes a method for maintaining the same level of ambient light in a room no matter the placement of the sun. For example, the described sensor would be able to detect when the sun moves behind a cloud and brighten the lights in the room, or vice-versa.

The initial applications of a device like this are clear: Easier, more streamlined control of the light inside your home. It might also have implications in helping people stay focused on tasks when they aren’t interrupted by the need to turn on a light. Some users online have suggested the technology might even be applied to self-driving vehicles.

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If you have Alexa-compatible smart lights and live in the U.S., you've got some new features that will be rolling out this week. With the new Alexa lighting features, you can set up wake-up lights or sleep timers and create new Alexa Routines to dim or brighten over a certain stretch of time, giving you a huge amount of control over how your home is lighted. Here's how the new features work.

Wake-up Lighting
One new feature is called Wake-up Lighting. This feature basically makes your smart lights mimic the sun rising in your home, but on your schedule. For example, you can make it so your bedside lamp turns on and gradually gets brighter when it's time to wake up. To set up Wake-up Lighting say something like, “Alexa, set an alarm for (time) with my bedside lamp.” If you want your light to do this every day, you'll need to set up a recurring alarm by saying something like, “Alexa, set up an alarm for every morning at (time) with my bedside lamp.” If you have a lighting group set up you can say, “Alexa, wake me up at (time) with lights.”

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Kasa Smart Lights come ready to party or give your home a vintage, classic glow
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Do LED lights leave you cold? TP-Link introduced three new Kasa Smart lights that can illuminate your home with individual vintage hue bulbs or add drama and excitement with infinite color multi-zone light strips.

“We are excited to bring the latest lighting innovations to the Kasa Smart lineup, helping to turn every home into a smart home,” said David Li, CEO of TP-Link Research America. “Our amazing new Vintage LED Filament Bulbs are a modern classic, while our new Light Strips let you easily customize any room with endless lighting effects and colors.”

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