Best NFL Football apps

nfl football apps iphone ipod touch ipad android windows phoneIt’s almost time for kick-off. The grass is cut, the lines painted across the field, the benches and chairs wiped down — though if everything goes right, there won’t be many butts in the seats. Players are finishing up their training regimen, coaches are fine tuning the play books, fans are practicing their chants and trash talking. America’s favorite sport is back for the 2012 season and it promises to be another one worth watching closely. As story lines develop, favorites fall, and underdogs emerge, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got access to it all. Here is a collection of the best apps for the NFL season.

espn scorecenter icon nfl sports app footballESPN ScoreCenter

(iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows)

ESPN may have given itself the title of “The Worldwide Leader In Sports,” but the team over at the sports media giant sure does its best to live up to it. The ESPN ScoreCenter is the ultimate app for keeping up with what’s going on in the world of sports–especially football. During the NFL season, there’s too many games on at the same time to watch them all. Luckily, now you can see every completion, tackle, or touchdown through the live-updating stat sheet and scoreboard.

ESPN ScoreCenter screenshot nfl football app

fantasy moster pro icon nfl football appFantasy Monster Pro

(iPhone, iPad, Android)

One of the biggest driving forces behind the population of the NFL is the millions of people that think they could do better than half of the league’s general managers and coaches. Fantasy football gives those people a chance to try to prove their abilities. If you’re managing multiple teams across plenty of different platforms, Fantasy Monster Pro is a must have. Plug in your login information from nearly any of the major Fantasy Football providers and manage your rosters from inside a single app.

fantasy moster pro screenshot nfl football app

pro football insider nfl football appPro Football Weekly

(iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone)

The world of the NFL never stops spinning, even when players aren’t out on the field. The drama between those battles on the gridiron are almost just as captivating. From contract holdouts, injuries, trades, and just general drama within the locker room, there is never a shortage of stories. Keep up with it all with Pro Football Weekly, the ultimate deliverer of football related news. Get in-depth articles, analysis, news, and rumors delivered to you on your mobile platform of choice so you never miss a beat.

pro football insider screenshot nfl football app

nfl 12 icon football appNFL ’12

(iOS, Android)

If there is one company that understands the obsession with the NFL, it’s the NFL itself. They know that people crave what the league provides, and the powers that be behind the NFL are more than willing to deliver. The NFL ’12 app gives the fanatics exactly what they want: All football, all the time. Subscribe to the in-app services to get streaming audio or video of every game during the season plus access to extra shows and broadcasts when there are no games on.

nfl 12 app screenshot football app

pro football radio nfl football appPro Football Radio & Live Scores

(iOS, Android)

Sometimes, the announcers of a game will drive you nuts. Whether they’re showing bias against your favorite team or they’re making worse calls from the booth than the replacement refs on the field are, there are times when you just can’t stand the commentators. Give yourself some a break with Pro Football Radio & Live Scores. You can tap into any of the radio streams from local game broadcasts to hear your favorite announcers from across the nation. It’s a great alternative to muting the TV and making your own calls.

pro football radio screenshot football app

nfl sunday ticket icon football appNFL Sunday Ticket

(iOS, Android)

Subscribers to NFL Sunday Ticket are obviously some of the most dedicated football fans around. But there are times where being in front of the TV just isn’t possible. Don’t let that awesome package of football excellence go to waste. Snag the NFL Sunday Ticket mobile app and watch the games from anywhere. If you’re stuck in traffic or just stuck at a relative’s house and fiending for your standard Sunday football fix, this app will bring it and your Sunday Ticket subscription to you.

nfl sunday ticket screenshot football app

nfl wallpapers icon appNFL Wallpapers

NFL 3D Live Wallpaper (Android)

NFL Logos 2012 (iPhone)

A true fan’s dedication to his or her team doesn’t end when the final whistle blows. Fandom in football is a lifestyle. You have to wear your team colors wherever you go. There’s no better way to show off your loyalty than a phone wallpaper. NFL 3D Live Wallpaper for Android or NFL Logos 2012 for iPhone will plaster your mobile phone with the perfect paint job to show support. It’ll be a reminder to cheer harder every time you unlock your device of choice.

nfl wallpapers screenshot football app pro

american football quiz pro football appFootball Trivia

American Football NFL Trivia Quiz (iPhone)

NFL Football Trivia (Android)

Football Trivia (Windows)

There’s no doubt in your mind that you are the most intelligent fan there is. You know your team’s history better than your own, and you’ve got a solid grip on the happenings of NFL history. Prove your skills to yourself and your friends with some football-based trivia. Most mobile operating system brings its own offering to the field of quizzes, so find the one that will properly install on your platform and prove your superiority. There’s no better victory than your own, and winning in these apps is like taking the title in the football trivia Super Bowl.

american football nfl trivia app

sportspicker icon football nfl sports app ios iphoneSportsPicker


Rivalries among NFL teams are nothing compared to the grudges their fans carry. Opposing dedications competitive teams can lead to rifts between co-workers, friends, even family members. The best way to solve these scuffles is by putting your money where your mouth is, but it’d be better if you could just win someone else’s money for your picks. SportsPicker lets you win real cash prizes for picking winners in upcoming games. If your team’s a winner, enjoy the victory and some extra cash. If you’re rooting for a squad in a rebuilding year, hedge your loyalties and your bets, so at least you can be a winner.

sportspicker app screenshot football app