Photo Gallery: HallowMEME 2012, where the Internet came to party

This past Thursday, Forced Meme Productions and Tumblr joined hands to host the fourth annual HallowMEME party which took place at The Bell House in Brooklyn, New York. Nearly all of the Internet came to life and to party, filling the music hall with great costumes of Internet regulars (and some television and real world characters as well). As we anticipated, there were several unimpressed McKayla Maroneys, Fitness Paul Ryans, and CatBreads. More original costumes — and some of my personal favorites — are the breastfeeding mom on the Time Magazine cover, Hot Cheetos and Takis, interactive Pinterest board (where the costumer took Polaroid photos and replaced them onto self every other minute), and botched Jesus Fresco.

By 10 p.m., the hosts gathered the crowd for a walk-off of the night’s costume contest finalists. Taking home the first place prize was Honey Boo Boo Child, complete with a bottle of Mountain Dew, beating out ERMAHGERD for the title. Of course, not before a crew of Psys and his music video comrades took to the stage for a Gangnam Style dance-off, with judge McKayla Maroney tapping out whoever she’s not impressed with. Spoiler alert: She totally was not feelin’ Breadfish.

If you’re look for a geeky costume this Halloween, feel free to use our gallery as inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Can you figure out who everyone is?