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12 gadgets that elevate a Super Bowl party from bash to blast

So, you’re having a Super Bowl 50 party. You could pour some salsa in a bowl, stash some beers in the fridge, and plan to order pizza at halftime, but don’t your friends deserve better? Even you don’t want to bake football-shaped cookies (laces out), put a jersey on your dog, or make a stadium out of snacks, you can still get some gear that will impress your guests and make the long wait for your pizza delivery seem a little shorter.

Samsung UN60JS7000 60” 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV ($1,400)


If you’re looking to get into the 4K Ultra HD TV game, the Super Bowl isn’t a bad time to do so. First, this is one time you and friends probably don’t want to huddle around your laptop to watch something, and second, there are some deals going on. Digital Trends’ A/V editor, Caleb Denison, says the Samsung UN60JS7000 is better than any 1080p TV and some of the 4K Ultra HD contenders, too. For the price, you get some great specs and future-proofing features. Read more here.


Definitive Technology W Studio Micro wireless sound bar ($700)


You’ll want some awesome sound to go with that impressive picture, so every thunk can be heard in all the corners of your living room. Definitive Technology’s wireless sound bar is small — under 2 inches tall — but powerful, and “offers brilliant dialog clarity thanks to the center channel,” says our A/V writer Ryan Waniata. The bar is also part of Play-Fi, meaning it can connect with compatible speakers you have spread around your house, so the sounds of the game can follow you no matter where you go. Read our full review.


Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt with alarm ($179)


There are a lot of smart locks on the market that promise to let you grant access to visitors, but many of them require your guests to download an app. If you really don’t want to get up every time the door bell rings on game day, then a door lock with a keypad could be the answer to your lazy prayers. Text a temporary code to your friends — like “0001” for Cam Newton’s jersey number — and they’ll be able to come and go as they please (or when you send them out for more ice) within the window of time you set. Read our full review.


The Fizzics Beer System ($170)


A Super Bowl wine and cheese party is on my agenda this weekend, but beer is the customary beverage of choice. Kegerators require careful maintenance, but the creators of the Fizzics Beer System promise it takes your bottle or canned beer and turns it into a “draft-quality pour.” The bubbles you get when you dump a beer into a glass are larger than those coming out of a keg, so the machine uses sound waves to break them up into a draft-ier head. That’s what the Super Bowl is all about, right? Sipping and savoring? Read more here.


Igloo Eraser Board mini fridge ($70)


With all your snack-fixin’s taking up space in your fridge, you might have trouble finding space for your beer or soda. Mini fridges are the perfect solution if you don’t have space for a second appliance (or don’t want to use all that energy for one). Devote it strictly to beverages, so your friends don’t drop a tray of deviled eggs while hunting for a brew. If you want to get really into diagramming the plays, you can do it on Igloo’s eraser board fridge.


De’Longhi Perfecto indoor grill ($58)


If you want something beyond snacks but it’s a good 20 degrees below tropical, then you might want to think about an indoor grill. De’Longhi’s model has a 12-by-6-inch cooking surface and adjustable thermostat, two things that set it apart from the George Foreman you may have had in college. Make yourself a Super Bowl steak, some burgers, or kebabs.


iDevices iGrill mini Bluetooth smart meat thermometer ($35)


Whether you grill indoors or out, you don’t want to stand around alone while your guests are enjoying the game. You can either recruit someone to hold up your phone while yous stream it and watch things cook, or use a Bluetooth meat thermometer. The four-probed iGrill from iDevices can send alerts to your smartphone (as long as you’re in the 150-foot range), so you’ll know your meaty masterpiece is done.


Philips Viva Digital Airfryer ($220)


If French fries made in the oven leave you wanting, but a cauldron of oil spitting on the stove isn’t going to cut it either, maybe Philips Viva Digital Airfryer is the solution. Instead of using a lot of oil, it uses super-heated air to crisp up fries, wings, and other Super Bowl fare. It can even make fish nuggets, if that’s something that’s been missing from your game-day menu.


Crock-Pot Programmable Slow Cooker ($50)


From nachos to pulled pork, the Super Bowl and slow-cooker snacks go together so well, BuzzFeed has a whole post about it. And since no one ever said, “I think we have too much cheese dip,” a 6-quart option will help you feed your hungry guests.


Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto outdoor pizza oven ($291)


The local pizza place is bound to be slammed with orders on Super Bowl Sunday, so you might as well make your own. Unfortunately, you can’t bring the Pizzacraft pizza oven indoors, but you won’t need to be outside for long. It preheats in 10 minutes, can reach temperatures of 700 degrees Fahrenheit, and cooks your pie in about five minutes. Sure, it’s not topped with gold, but this way, you can put whatever you want on it.


Fatboy the Original lounge chair ($190)


The Super Bowl may be a day made for reclining chairs, but good hosts will also provide seats for their guests. A couple bean bags make a nice alternative to crisscross apple-saucing on the floor. The Fatboy comes in neutral colors such as red, but if you want to make your Panthers-loving friend sit in a navy or orange one, that’s an option too, ya jerk.


Project Repat team t-shirt quilt ($75+)


If your team t-shirts have seen better days but you can’t bear to part with them, recycling them into a blanket is a pretty decent solution. You send your ratty well-loved tees you’ve had since John Elway was still QB to Project Repat, and the company will sew them all together into a fleece blanket. It doubles as a décor, keeps you warm through the chilly February evening, and can turn into a flag if your team wins the day.

Project Repat

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