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The best top-load washers of 2020

Laundry may not be the worst chore on your to-do list, but if you can make it easier and get more done at once, why not? Front-load washers might be trending in homes all over the country, but some people prefer top-load washers. Many top-load washers are reliable workhorses that can clean large loads with ease.

The best top-load washers have a range of features, but not every model is going to be right for you. When searching for a top-load washer, you’ll encounter a lot of options from a number of different brands. Which model is best? Check out this list of the best top-loading washers for 2020, starting with a top-line Maytag model with tons of power.

Maytag MVWB765FW

Maytag’s 4.7-cubic-foot washer is both highly affordable and excellent at getting dirty clothes clean. It comes with a variety of useful settings: The PowerWash mode adds extra heated water and speeds up the agitator to take care of stains fast, while the Deep Fill mode adds extra water when you need it. The Rapid Wash mode gets the job done fast and saves water, and the sanitize mode is designed for making sure your clothes come out fresh and clean. There are plenty of other setting options, too, along with multiple temperature options, auto-sensing to adjust the water level, and more. This is an incredibly versatile washing machine at an exceptional price.

Samsung WA54R7600AW

Samsung’s extra-large 5.4-cubic-foot washer can hold laundry loads for the whole family and clean in as little as 36 minutes. It comes with a steam function for tackling tough stains and a water jet for applying spot cleaners before a big wash. There are also smart features like troubleshooting via an app, automatic water fill based on the size of the load, and a self-clean option. That’s all in addition to 12 washing cycles, nine additional modes for various fabrics, and five temperature levels to choose from.


This 5.5-cubic-foot energy-efficient model is certified by Energy Star to meet or exceed federal guidelines of energy efficiency, thus conserving the earth’s resources and saving you money. It uses a unique low-set oscillator that saves room compared to a traditional agitator.

The anti-vibration system reduces noise, so you don’t have to listen to constant banging noises while the washer is on. The sensors and automatic settings make washing your clothes faster and easier. The washer even has an easy self-clean maintenance mode to promote better performance and longevity. Like other models in this LG line, it supports app control for easy smartphone management, plus voice command support for Alexa and Google Assistant. Whether you want great smart features or an extra-large drum capacity, LG’s washer can handle it.

Kenmore Elite 31553

If you love a bit of precision in your laundry routine, then this Kenmore model might be the one for you. With up-to-date technology and features, you can select a customized cleaning cycle to include options like steaming, pre-treatment, and accelerated washing times. With 5.2 cubic feet of space, that leaves you with a lot to work with. 

There’s also a cold clean cycle designed for extra-effective washing at lower temperatures and an allergen cycle that’s meant to remove 95% of common allergens. All in all, there are 14 cycles with various options, so you can customize exactly what you need. The agitator is also programmed with Smart Motion tech that can combine six different agitator motions for the most complete washing cycle possible. We also really appreciate the soft-close hinges that prevent banging the lid down while you’re using it (something every top-load washer should have).


This affordable 4.5-cubic-foot GE model may not have high-tech control panels or screens, but don’t let it fool you. There’s a lot of great technology at work in this durable washer, including customizing water levels before a cycle and six different water temperature options to pick from.

The 14 wash cycle options include a deep clean cycle, a speed wash cycle, a deep rinse to make extra-sure that all detergent is gone, and a second rinse that runs your clothes through pure water when the cycle is finished. There are also unique options like auto-soak that will pre-soak dirty clothes. Anyone who’s accustomed to using an extra rinse cycle can benefit from these choices.

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