Blow everyone away – literally – with the Quirky 360 fan

blow everyone away literally with the quirky 360 omnidirectional fan

Uh oh, could this new product from Quirky be the next true Dyson competitor? As we’ve seen in commercials time and time again, Sir James Dyson boasts about how his cooling machines are bladeless, sleek, and blows direct air without buffeting. With the Quirky 360, the fan also contains no blade – but it’ll blow air in every direction so everyone in the room gets a little piece of the cooling action.

Quirky 360 design fanThe portable tabletop fan features a circular body that allows the device to blow air in every angle. The user can also select to direct air in one direction if they are using it alone, and the 360 comes with multiple fan speeds. Although the device doesn’t look as fancy as a Dyson (it is, after all, boasting a plastic body and not expensive brushed aluminum), it does solve the problem of how to angle a fan when you’re with a group of people. Although traditional fans take a few seconds to oscillate back and forth, those few seconds can mean a lot of sweat during particularly humid days.

The Quirky 360 is currently under production, and as usual, the company will crowdsource estimates for how much users think the item should sell for. If it works as well as advertised, we’re thinking the price should probably go for $30 to $45? We’re not very good at this game, but that price range seems fair for a little tabletop fan.