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Blurstagram, physible, bashtag, and more tech lingo you need to know

3D printing patent trolls

Back for another week’s lesson of tech jargons you need to know? Today, we’ll learn about new ways to describe common things you may have noticed floating about the Internet. Because if it happens on the Web, you bet someone has coined a term to talk about it shortly after.


A digital file that can be transformed into a physical object. In most cases, it’s the file that contain instructions for 3D printers to bring your digital rendering to life. Think of it as a reverse gaming app so to speak; Classic boardgames Scrabble and Pictionary turned into the mobile Words With Friends and Draw Something. Physible data makes what’s on your screen truly touchable in a 3D-printed format.

“The Art Institute of Chicago got physible! Its latest file on Thingiverse allows interested parties to download and 3D-print their own museum model.”

Modern App

Apps compatible on the Windows 8 platform. These apps are designed to function with Windows 8’s motion control, swipe gestures, shortcuts, and overall streamlined processing. Windows 8’s latest UI was formerly known as Metro, but is now referred to as Modern. So don’t get it twisted.

“What are some Modern apps I need for my new Asus Taichi? My mom thinks the YouTube app makes life easier, but I don’t like to admit my mom’s right at anything tech-related.”


When a company’s promotional hashtag fails to create positive buzz and is instead used to insult the company and/or its products. The most notable example of this is McDonald’s #McDStories campaign which asked customers to share their McDonald’s moments, but instead got people discussing what a horrible experience visiting retail locations truly is.

“Bashtag win. RT @skipsullivan One time I walked into McDonalds, I could smell Type 2 diabetes floating in the air and I threw up #McDStories


An unfocused, blurry Instagram photo that is so obscure, you wonder why the original poster bothered to upload or salvage the mess with a filter.

“Friend A: Did Instagram come out on Blackberry or something, because this girl’s feed is just full of blurstagrams.
Friend B: Maybe you just don’t understand art.”

Check back next week to learn more tech lingo and keep up with conversations around the Web!

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