Bodum Fyrkat Cone Charcoal Grill features spit rod, conical design

bodum fyrkat cone charcoal grill features spit rod conical design

Never have we seen such a fun and cheery design for a backyard barbecue grill. The Bodum Fyrkat Cone Charcoal Grill (about $195) takes barbecue design to new heights with a compact, stylish design that would easily suit the needs of a casual grill-master, particularly one who lives in a small space with just a patio or terrace for outdoor cooking. Designed to make your daily meat, seafood and poultry extra juicy and delicious, the Fyrkat grill has a conical base that is crafted from enamel-coated steel that comes in three bright colors as well as basic black. The grill also features an internal stainless steel spit rod that can be rotated by hand or with the help of an integrated, battery-powered motor. The spindly steel legs have rubber footing for traction and the grill includes two grill plates. Not the best grill for a backyard feast for 20, but add this to your daily dinner routine and you’ll be a happy camper with juicy meats and flavorful seafood.