BodySound Gives Home Theater Furniture High Quality Audio


You may have a smartphone, but do you have smart furniture? BodySound Technologies Inc has created a new line of “specialty furniture” with a 7-speaker personalized surround sound system built into it. Recliners, connected rows or curves of seats, love seats, or couches– BodySound says it has a variety of furniture that is “wireless and compact to provide full impact, large scale sound” in smaller spaces.

The company claims its technology will automatically adjust the volume to match the users’ settings, providing a sound that is both crisp and clear, preserving every detail of audio information. Each seat powers its own 7-speaker system with a built-in multi-processor and 650 watt amplifier.bodysound2

“BodySound enhances the listening experience even more than HDTV adds to the viewing experience,” says Dan Cohen, CEO and Founder of BodySound Technologies. BodySound furniture starts at $5,995 MSRP and the company says it will also custom design based on customer preferences.bodysound3