Bolt is a deadbolt you can remotely unlock with your phone

Following up on the previous generation of Lockitron devices, the Bolt is a new, Internet-connected deadbolt for your front door that can be locked and unlocked with a tap on your smartphone. Launching at a $99 price point during March 2015, the Bolt’s locking mechanism can be accessed via the iOS or Android application. The application can also be used to share access with visiting guests to your home, basically only requiring the visitor to download the app.

In addition to lock control within the application, the proximity sensor within the Bolt can detect an authorized smartphone that’s approaching and automatically unlock the door. Like similar locking devices, the Bolt uses low-energy Bluetooth to unlock and lock the door, thus power outages won’t make the Bolt useless. The device does require 4 AA batteries which will last approximately half a year before requiring replacement. The device will send an email notification when the batteries are running low.

Of course, the Bolt isn’t only designed for people that own their homes. Lockitron is offering a program called Key Match that will match your existing set of house keys when installing the Bolt. This could be ideal for a renter, as the landlord’s set of keys will still work when entering the home.

In order to connect to the Bolt over a remote distance, the user will need to purchase an additional accessory, the Bridge device. Sold at an additional $78 on the preorder page of the Bolt, the Bridge device is definitely ideal for anyone that does a fair amount of traveling while still hosting guests in their main home.

Interestingly, the Lockitron Bolt shares a name with a recent smart light bulb being released by Misfit. Misfit’s Bolt is a network-connected, color-variable smart bulb that can also be connected to your smartphone.

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