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This startup builds robo-houses that read your behavior and anticipate your needs

brain of things smart home
Imagine living in a home that knew to turn on the lights before you even entered the room you were headed to, or that opened your blinds right before you woke up, because it knew you were about to wake up.

This is precisely what a startup called Brain of Things believes could be the next big thing, and it’s hoping to bring the technology into the mainstream in the form of what it calls “robot homes.” Initially, the company plans to build three of these robot homes in California — each of which boasts a range of sensors designed to learn your habits and adjust accordingly.


For example, if you wake up at 8am every day for work, the robo-home is able to learn this and open your bedroom blinds right when you wake up. Not only can it automate these kinds of simple tasks, but it can also detect if something is wrong, like if your heating system is broken, for example. The system also offers security features, and is able to alert you when someone is outside your door, and film that person.

Each home is equipped with a total of 20 sensors, allowing it to automate almost everything. Users still have things like light switches, but they can also use voice commands to turn things on and off through the accompanying app. Of course, things like Internet-connected lights and blinds have been around for a few years now, but the difference here is that the second you move in, you already have a fully automated house.

Systems like this can obviously be a concern as far as privacy goes, but the Brain of Things is taking all the necessary measures to ensure that security is a non-issue. None of the in-home sensors are located in the bedroom, and any data that is collected is stored within the building.

Currently, there are a number of functional Brain of Things apartments located in Santa Rosa, California — but if you want to live in one you’ll need to dish out an extra $125 per month on top of you monthly rent.

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