Festival of frights: Check out this insane Halloween lights display

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart an entire neighborhood in Yucaipa, California synchronized their holiday light displays to light up in harmony with Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Wizards of Winter. Halloween lights aren’t as ubiquitous, so it’s not terribly surprising that a Leesburg, Virginia man couldn’t get all his neighbors on board for a similar project to celebrate the spooky holiday.

Brandon Bullis has actually been making Halloween light shows for a few years now. This year, he’s draped his home in over 8,500 LED lights that match up with a variety of songs to make it seem like the home itself is singing along.

He’s calling it the “Edwards Landing Lights.” When Macklemore’s Downtown starts up, several tombstones on the yard light up, followed by a tree. It’s not until he starts rapping that the real fun begins. A pair of Jack-o’-lantern-style eyes and mouth appear in the upper middle of the upper story of the house and move in time to the words, “I went to the moped store …” (Yeah, it’s the radio-friendly version, so the pumpkin mouth doesn’t swear.) There are also back-up jack-o’-lantern singers.

Macklemore gave the stamp of approval and tweeted, “This is amazing … Definitely the kind of house that gives out full-sized candy bars.” The two-hour show plays from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. nightly, but to get the full effect, you have to tune into 98.1 FM. (That has to make the neighbors happy.) The house also does renditions of Sam Hunt’s “House Party” and Fall Out Boy’s “Uma Thurman.”

That endorsement will probably help Bullis fill the donation box he has set out for Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Over the past two years, the Halloween fan has helped raise $10,000, according to The Huffington Post.

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