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Pre-order Brewie and you’ll soon be brewing up your own craft beers at home

Leave your stills in the prohibition era — the 21st century has a new tool for home-brewing enthusiasts. After a number of successful crowdfunding campaigns, the world’s first automated home brewery, known as the Brewie, is available for preorder. It’ll cost you — $1,849 to be exact — but if the ability to make your favorite craft beers from the comfort of your home is priceless, then this may be quite the deal for you.

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Branded as “the first and only machine that fully automates the entire brewing process, including steps like mashing, sparging, boiling, hop addition, and cooling,” Brewie makes brewing beer as easy as pressing a button. Draft lovers only need to select a recipe from a menu of hundreds of preinstalled options, but of course, the most creative among us also have the opportunity to create a recipe of their own.

To ensure a wide variety of beers, Brewie is capable of adjusting 23 distinct components during the process. You can also add hops at four distinct points during brewing, allowing for some pretty innovative recipes. And thanks to the most recent cooling system, you can chill your brews in just 20 minutes.

Brewie - Simple, Clean, Magnificent

If you come across or develop a recipe that you’re particularly proud of, you can submit your delicious creation to Brewie’s online recipe database. There’s a new recipe format called “.brewie” that is compatible with the commonly used Beer XML, enabling more seasoned brew veterans to use their recipes from Brewer’s Friend and BeerSmith.

You can even brew from afar while maintaining your peace of mind. Once you’ve got all your ingredients in place, simply set the timer, and rest assured that the brewing will happen with or without you. And if you want to make sure that all’s well, you can monitor the process via the companion app on a mobile device or from your desktop.

So if you’re convinced that the only craft beer left to try is one you make yourself, Brewie may just be the answer to your hoppy dreams.

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