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GE Lighting will rebrand to Cync, launch new devices for CES 2021

Changes are coming to C by GE, and not just a new lineup of products. The company is getting a brand-new name after integrating with Savant. Now GE Lighting is known as a Savant company. The company is making major changes, including a rebrand of all C by GE products into Cync for CES 2021.

The C by GE app will transition to the Cync app in March. This app controls more than lighting — it allows users to control their entire home, inside and out. It also uses the patented TrueImage feature to preview changes to lighting through a picture in-app. You can know what your room will look like before you commit to changing the light color.

In addition to the re-brand, C by GE (hereon referred to as Cync ) has announced a new lineup of products. The first of these products is the Cync Outdoor Smart Plug. This smart plug allows users to independently control two different outlets through the app or through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The Cync Outdoor Smart Plug is expected to launch in March.

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Cync is also dipping its toes into the home security industry. The Cync Indoor Camera is designed to provide peace of mind and home security with a focus on customer privacy. The Cync Indoor Camera includes a physical shutter that can be moved down when not in use. This turns off not only the video but also the audio. It also allows users to choose between on-device storage via an SD card or through a cloud subscription. Although it may seem negligible for a security camera, privacy shutters continue to be a rarity — so this is a trend we’re hoping to see more of this year! The indoor camera is expected to launch in May.

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The final new addition to the lineup is the Cync Fan Speed Smart Switch. It allows for easy control of any fan in the home, not only from the switch but also from the Cync app — no hub required. It provides access to up to four different fan speeds, as well as the ability to schedule the fans to turn on and off at specified times. It can also be linked to other Cync/C by GE devices for expanded control. The Cync Fan Speed Smart Switch is expected to launch in June.

While we have release dates for these new gadgets, pricing has yet to be confirmed, but we’ll certainly know more of what to expect from CES as those dates draw closer.

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GE Lighting launches Smart Hexagon Panels with support for Alexa and Google Home
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The Hexagon Panels clock in at $190 for a pack of 10 -- putting them above similar products from Govee and other lighting brands. However, the GE Lighting panels are well specced, featuring 16 million colors, six controllable zones within each hexagon, and directional control for music and light shows. If you don’t want to create your own light shows, you can choose from a list of pre-built options.

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