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Try to find a right angle in Bangalore’s melty, futuristic ‘Elastica’ house

For the Bangalore, India-based architecture firm, Cadence Architects, designing and building ultra-modern and conceptual homes or buildings is just another day at the office. So it should come as no surprise to see that the esteemed Indian company just put the finishing touches on a futuristic abode which looks like something ripped straight out of The Jetsons. Dubbed the Elastica home, Cadence’s latest addition to its incredibly impressive project list is an utter marvel.

Pulling off the incredible feat of creating a perfect flow from room to room, Elastica looks almost as if it was formed from melting candle wax. Featuring an array of sheer white decor accented by an abundance of glass and black marble, the home’s interior appears barely lived in. Additionally, several rooms throughout the house boast their own unique styles, such as a children’s room accented with lime green and a theater room which features dark carpet seats and starry night-themed walls.

At night is perhaps when Elastica’s innovative design shines brightest — no pun intended. The same large windows, secured to the front of the home, that are capable of letting in a wealth of natural light by day, beautifully emphasize the abode’s exterior after dark. Furthermore, it is at night that Elastica’s uniquely designed facade truly comes to life as its front-facing windows make the curved lines absolutely pop.

Cadence managed to build the entire structure, which encompasses 8,000 square feet of space, on a sizable 2,800 square-foot plot of land. Built primarily as a residential home, Elastica no doubt gives its surrounding neighborhood a massive boost of appeal — if for no other reason than the absolute spectacle it provides each day. It may look like something befitting a science fiction novel — or a Salvador Dali painting — but make no mistake, Cadence Architects’ Elastica home is anything but artificial.

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