Cardsharp 2 razor knife packs neatly into your wallet

cardsharp 2 razor knife packs neatly into your wallet back

While the Swiss Army knife may be the most useful tool a man could have on the go, you can imagine such tool could be redesigned for even more portability. Although the Cardsharp 2 packs just the knife utility, its sleek design that fits along with the credit card slot of your wallet makes it a must-have travel gadget.

cardsharp 2 razor knife packs neatly into your walletAn update to the original Cardsharp designed by Iain Sinclair, version 2 of the product features polypropylene body hiding a stainless steel knife. The blade measures 2.5 inches, which can be revealed after three series of fold to turn the card-shaped tool into a knife with handle. Cardsharp 2 also has a child safety lock to prevent kids from mistaking the item for just another one of dad’s plastic toy. The body is even waterproof to prevent rust from building after prolonged use outdoors.

“We soon discovered that over 50% of those who tested the Cardsharp loved it and wanted to buy it on the spot,” said director Grant Sinclair of the Cardsharp 2. “At first we put this down to the James Bond gadget factor but soon found out that actually the majority of consumers understood the tool’s superior benefits.”

Thanks to its thin 2.2 mm body and 13 grams of lightweight portability, the Cardsharp can be easily transported wherever you’re headed. Slide it in your wallet pocket or bag without worrying that the knife will unfold itself and damage your goods. In comparison, the smallest Victorinox Swiss Army knife still weighs 23 grams. Perhaps the 10 grams won’t make a huge different, but certainly size, flatness, and sleek aesthetics can.

Cardsharp 2 is available online for £15, or $25 USD. Estimated shipping time is 28 days for international orders, and the package comes in a greeting card style with your ultra-thin knife in the middle. It’s like sending yourself a Christmas card with a present hidden beneath. If you wish, you can even customize the card with a personal engraving on the blade for an extra £5, or $8 USD.

With the look and feel of a credit card, just remember that if you plan to travel by air, you may want to remove the Cardsharp 2 out of your wallet and into your checked luggage before getting this cool tool tossed out at security check. You may feel like James Bond with this gadget, but you’ll still be treated like any other person traveling in and out of the United States.

Watch the video below for the unboxing of the Cardsharp 2 as well as how to quickly transform the card into its knife form.