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Keep your cats entertained and your own furniture safe with CatastrophiCreations

If aliens were to come to Earth, they would think cats ruled our planet. And rightfully so. As any cat owner might attest, humans don’t own felines — it’s really the other way around. And now, not only are we feeding them, cleaning out their litter boxes, and generally attempting (and failing) to win their affections, we’re now building them furniture that is decidedly cooler than our own.

Just check out the new line of cat-friendly decor from CatastrophiCreations, which not only keeps your couches safe from your pets’ claws, but also keeps your furry friends entertained for hours on end. It’s really too bad we can’t build jungle gyms for ourselves in our homes.

The furniture from CatastrophiCreations is no joke — featuring elaborate, connected bridges, shelves, and yes, cat hammocks, There are even themed complexes, like the PacMan and Mario-inspired editions. And they all come from the minds of Mike Wilson and Megan Hanneman, who were disappointed in the lack of interesting cat furniture on the market (until they started making their own).

“We got a couple cats, and then it started off just making furniture for them around the house,” Wilson told The Huffington Post. “We made shelving and then an Indiana Jones bridge. It was kind of playing with the cats and just seeing how they liked it and then building more stuff from there.” And the stuff has gotten increasingly wacky. “Honestly I have no idea where he gets his ideas from,” Hanneman told the Post, speaking of Wilson’s designs. “I feel like they just come out of thin air.”

But the cat structures aren’t just gimmicks. Rather, the two creatives say, they can greatly aid in feline behavioral issues. “Giving a cat a space of its own is pretty important,” Wilson said. “We’ve been trying to create something that looks good on the wall, that you wouldn’t mind having in your apartment or your home, but that’s also helping your cat by giving it its own space.”

And to help you help your cat, CastrophiCreations are relatively easy to install, requiring only a drill and a stud-finder, according to Hanneman. You can check out the full selection at

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