Charge your gadgets in style with this faux leather roll-up travel charger

charge your gadgets in style with this faux leather roll up travel charger

We have seen our fair share of portable chargers come and go, but none have had the classic good-looks that this one can boast. Cables tend to have a hard time being aesthetically-pleasing, but the folks over at Restoration Hardware have given spicing up the travel charger a good college try and we have to say that we like what they came up with. Technically-speaking, it’s nothing fancy, but the Roll-Up Travel Charger ($49) will do the job and make you feel good about charging up your gadgets in even the fanciest of places. 

The portable travel charger includes a power strip that is connected to your typical AC power adapter, as well as outgoing charging ports for Apple, anything that charges via a micro or mini USB, and somewhat randomly, a samsung connector. Regardless, if you own more than a couple gadget that take juice from those ports, this charger could definitely come in handy if you’re traveling or prone to running down your batteries. Even better, when you pull this charger out in the hotel lobby or your swanky favorite cafe, it will all be neatly wrapped and snapped in a dark brown faux-leather casing. It would only be better if it was real leather, but for the $49 price tag, we’ll take what we can get.