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Chime has a drone and an AI caller to help realtors do their jobs

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Buying a house is no walk in the park, and selling one is just as difficult. But luckily, there’s a startup hoping to make at least one side of the equation a bit simpler. Meet Chime, the now one-year-old self-proclaimed “operating system for the real estate industry” which has announced two innovations in order to help agents do their jobs.

First off, there’s an AI-enabled smart dialer, which Chime describes as an “intelligent companion that enables quick performance and limited downtime between calls.” Named Belle, the dialer allows agents to select a list of prospective buyers from within the Chime interface, then push these contacts to the AI assistant. From there, agents can use Belle to dial prospects with one click, as well as add notes, complete follow-ups, schedule appointments, and send texts or emails.

And because the dialer is “smart,” it will keep track of your most relevant leads and also help you keep tabs on actions that need to be completed during the day. The more use Belle experiences, the better Belle will understand a prospect’s viability — this information is then fed to the agent to help him or her achieve the maximum impact (and hopefully, sell a house).

“Belle combined with Chime is a killer product combination for teams and brokerages,” said Murphy. “Our goal is to provide a productivity suite that empowers agents and brokers with all the tools they need to close more deals, and these features take smart dialers to the next level.”

Then, there’s Chime’s new drone. It’s all thanks to an exclusive U.S. real estate distribution deal with Simtoo, creator of the Moment drone. The tiny quadcopter is covered so it can fly inside, and features strong battery life, which means it can stay in the air for more than 10 minutes. The drone moves autonomously and comes with facial recognition technology. So why introduce a drone into real estate? Chime wants to use the tech to enable agents to give virtual tours of properties, and live-stream drone footage to either a Facebook page or listing-specific site.

“Live-streaming is a fundamental innovation that will transform real estate,” Murphy said. “By launching this drone feature, Chime is at the forefront of this transformation.”

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