Claria Unveils PersonalWeb

Claria, an online behavioral marketing and Web personalization technology company which at one time was known as Gator, yesterday announced the launch of a new personalized Web service which has been in development since 2004. Dubbed PersonalWeb, the Web site and accompanying software are now in public beta.

PersonalWeb, said Claria, creates a customized home page by observing a user’s interests based on Web surfing patterns via software which is installed on an Internet connected Windows XP PC. This PersonalWeb software reportedly does not collect or use any personal information, sending anonymous information about Web usage and some of the hosting computer’s settings and preferences back to the online service so it can customize the viewable contents and ads based upon a user’s changing needs.

PersonalWeb also provides users with links to their Web-based email accounts, access to favorite search engines, RSS feeds from favorite sites; and content and product recommendations based on their online interests.

“We are excited to introduce a beta version of PersonalWeb, the first consumer application utilizing our new personalization platform,” said Scott VanDeVelde, President and Chief Executive Officer of Claria, in a statement. “We will continue to build on the PersonalWeb platform and in the coming months we will be adding features and content based on feedback from our users and publisher partners.”