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No scrubs? These gadgets that make cleaning a little easier

cleaning gadgets 2017 home and housewares show bathroom sink
Spring cleaning isn’t just a chore; it’s more like a super chore. It’s the time when you’re supposed to flip your mattress, wash your window screens, and do a dozen other things on Martha Stewart’s list. That’s why we couldn’t help but notice some of the gadgets at the 2017 International Home and Housewares Show that promise to make cleaning a wee bit easier.

Check out our roundup below, even if none of them will help you muck out the gutters.

Chi Easy Steam (TBD)

If a vacuum company can make a hair dryer, why can’t a hair-care company make an iron? Chi is best known for its straigheners and other hair-focused products, but at the housewares show, its motto was “from hair to wear.” In addition to its new line of clothes irons, there was a garment bag on display. The bag has a built-in steamer to get wrinkles out of your clothes. Just pour water in the cup, put one or two items inside, zip it up, and wait 10 minutes. You then leave the collapsible bag open to dry. There are other hands-free steamers, but this is one of the more storable options we’ve seen. Price and availability are to be determined.

Bruno Smart Trash Can ($249)

Jenny McGrath / Digital Trends
Jenny McGrath / Digital Trends

Still in its pre-order phase after a successful 2015 Kickstarter, the Bruno Smart Trash Can promises to let you live a dustpan-free life. It has a little door that pops open and sucks in the debris as you sweep towards it. It then carries the dust and gunk to the bag via a tube. It also reminds you when it’s time to get more garbage bags and when it’s trash day. The pre-orders on this very expensive trash can will start shipping in July.

GeniCan ($149)

Another device available for pre-order is the GeniCan, which isn’t a smart trash can but more of a smart add-on. It doesn’t actually have a lot to do with trash; it’s more of a shopping-list builder. If you’re about to toss an empty package of chicken stock, you can hold it in front of the device, and it will add it to your list in the app or reorder it via Amazon Dash Replenishment. You can also hold any object in front — even if it doesn’t have a barcode — and the GeniCan will ask what it should add to the list. It’s very similar to Hiku but placed inside your smelly garbage can instead of on your fridge. Hopefully, it’s easy to clean.

Flint Retractable Lint Roller ($7)

Jenny McGrath / Digital Trends

There’s nothing digital about the Flint –we just thought it was cool. It’s a reusable lint roller that retracts, so it doesn’t continue to gather more dust and cat hair when you’re not using it. It comes in a rainbow of colors and is pretty portable.

HygeaPro Makeup Brush Cleaner ($149)

Jenny McGrath / Digital Trends

Tao Clean already makes toothbrushes and facial brushes that have UV lights and drying systems built into their charging stations. (The company argues that killing 99 percent of germs via UV is futile if the brush is still damp afterwards.) In January 2018, it will bring the same technology to makeup brushes. It sanitizes and dries them quickly, helping reduce the number of bacteria that build up on brushes. Regular cleaning can help keep beauty tools in better shape, so you should be doing so, even without a fancy gadget.

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