Click n Cook is an all-in-one cooking utensil system

Click n Cook spatula system cookware by Quirky

Unless you’re the next Martha Stewart and have all your cooking utensils neatly lined and ready for a photo op for some kind of gardening and interior design magazine, chances are your kitchen tools are all stashed and jumbled in one single drawer. Wouldn’t it just be easier if all the utensils share the same handle and can be organized visibly?

The Quirky Click n Cook will do just that. Using one shared handle, the attachment clicks into different heads for different sizes and types of cookware. The idea is similar to razor blades that keeps the same handle with changeable blades each time. The five attachments include spatula, spoon, and mixer with different widths, curves, and slits for cooking pancakes or sautéing vegetables. The dock containing these attachments can be placed anywhere on the countertop, making all the parts visible for when you need to use them.

All the parts are also made with food-safe plastic that are dishwasher-safe. Since Quirky produced the submitted design, more than 10,000 units have been sold, paying out more than $15,500 to Fred Ende, the inventor of the Click n Cook. While we do love the concept, we wish they will develop more attachment heads for additional uses, such as a steeper spoon, whisk, or a ladle. The modular system sells for $40 and only comes in the black color.

Quirky has been known to create industrial design ideas submitted from fans based on the popularity gained on the site. The company also recently launched a partnership with General Electrics to develop even more innovative products that have brains of its own.

“Maybe you want your coffee machine to take your order while lying in bed? Or maybe you forgot to feed the dog and want your dog bowl to do it for you? The ideas are endless,” Quirky promotes in a statement.

Whether you’re a designer or someone looking to find creative new products, you can check out the GE & Quirky page to see what new inventions might be coming in the near future. If you’re ever curious about how an item like the Click n Cook, or our previously reviewed Stem, came to life, watch the video below to see how products go from idea to reality.