Put Pacman in your living room with the Coalesse Hosu lounger

coalesse hosu lounge chair

Telecommuting is quickly becoming a normal practice at most American businesses, so if you’re one of the lucky employees who have the ability to work from home, you’ll want to most comfortable work space that simultaneously encourages productivity and comfort. It also doesn’t hurt if this space would remind you of a friendly little guy named Pacman.

coalesse hosu lounge chair backThat’s exactly our thought behind the plush Hosu lounge chair by Coalesse. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, the Hosu chair is a convertible lounge chair that folds out to accommodate your legs so you can stretch out and relax. The 36-inch wide chair also has compartments to store wires and books to create a comfortable and clean space. Inspiration for the design stems from a market research which concluded that “wherever people commune with their hand-held digital devices, they like to lounge close to the floor and even sprawl a bit,” reports The New York Times.

“Hosu is a habitat to relax, work, think, and read,” said Urquiola. “It’s a different approach to a work lounge that removes all formality and replaces it with comfort.”

A two-seater, 64-inch wide version is also available for those who want more room, or plan to double the chair as a perfect place to watch television or nap. Add a few pillows and a throw and you might be able to accommodate an overnight guest as well.

Though the Hosu can be upholstered in a variety of textured fabric choices, including leather, we enjoy its classic, bright yellow hue best. Unfolding the chair to its lounging position makes us think of the playful Pacman, which makes working less stressful. Just remember: if you’re going to feed the chair by wedging remote controllers or cellphones within the side slots, don’t lose them in there; Pacman, or Hosu the chair, will eat it right up.

The Coalesse Hosu chair will be available this September starting at $2,000 via its official website. To view other Coalesse product, visit its showroom in Chicago to test drive how comfy and vibrant the chair is in real life.