Coffee Joulies help you avoid the burnt tongue that ruins your morning

coffee joulies help you avoid the burnt tongue that ruins your morning bag web

You know it’s going to be a rough morning when the first significant thing that happens to you is a sore, burnt tongue from that piping hot cup of coffee you so desperately wanted. The rest of the cup becomes tasteless, and eating and drinking is ruined for the rest of the day. Major bummer. Yet another ingenious invention from Kickstarter promises to help you achieve the perfect hot-beverage temperature so you can avoid disaster and actually enjoy that coffee. Coffee Joulies ($40) work thanks to a special non-toxic material that is enclosed in polished stainless steel coffee beans and helps to both cool down your coffee to the perfect temperature as well as keep it warm once it hits the sweet spot.

The beauty of these magic beans lies in the “Phase Change Material” inside the shell, which absorbs heat to cool your coffee to just the right temperature range, and then starts releasing that heat back out to keep your coffee warm. In a properly-insulated travel mug, the beans can keep your coffee at just the right temperature for up to five hours. Impressive, huh? The creators suggest experimenting with number of beans and different coffee-holders to create your personalized perfect cup of joe. While most of us wake up with coffee in the morning, the Joulies also work with tea, hot chocolate, or any other hot beverage.