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Check out this British guy’s homemade underground apocalypse bunker

Apocalyptic BUNKER project part 1- The Plan
From Hill to Archie, there are a few famous Bunkers. But today we’re going to talk about a different kind of bunker: the underground type that’s meant to save its occupants from the apocalypse. Colin Furze has a most unusual resumé — inventor, stuntman, plumber — and he’s recently added bunker builder to the list.

As part of a promotion for the TV show You, Me, & the Apocalypse, Furze decided that his plan — were he to know that the world would end in just over a month — would be to build an underground shelter where he could ride out the disaster, as well as the mounting hysteria leading up to it.

Over several YouTube videos, you can watch his bunker take shape. First, he starts with a plan (which looks remarkably similar to a child’s rendering of a bunker), which is basically to clear out the garden behind his house, dig a big hole, make a room, then create a tunnel leading from the room to a shaft with a shed on top.

The video series is only halfway done at this point. It took a digger to create a rectangle extending over 11 feet into the ground. Once that was done, it was time to start constructing the bunker, with a steel floor, walls, and roof. And let’s just say it wouldn’t be fun to have Furze as a neighbor; the entire process is pretty loud.

The next three episodes, airing in November, will show the two-month project coming to an end, along with showing how Furze and some friends fare when spending a night in the bunker. His initial plan for the bunker was quite rudimentary, and there wasn’t a bathroom included, so a night is probably all anyone could stand down there.

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