Collar Perfect is the redesigned clothing iron we’ve all been waiting for

collar perfect redesigned clothing iron 2
Ironing has been the go-to method for removing wrinkles for the better part of a century, yet despite the fact that the traditional hot iron/ironing board routine isn’t particularly convenient, it hasn’t gotten a significant redesign since the 1950s.

Today, that changes. Collar Perfect, a device that’s currently seeking funds for production on Kickstarter, is a completely new take on the classic clothing iron. Instead of featuring just one hot edge and forcing you to place your shirt on a rickety old ironing board, Collar Perfect works more like a hair straightener. It’s got two heated surfaces that you can pinch together, which is ideal for straightening out those unruly shirt collars that have become curled and unruly over time.

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It’s also great for other tricky areas like pockets, pant-front creases, and the fabric between buttons. The idea is that with this more compact and versatile design, Collar perfect makes it easy to perform quick spot treatments on your clothes, rahter than busting out the ironing board and pressing the entire garment. That being said, however, it’s also designed with a set of hinges that allow it to lie flat, so in the event that you should need to give your outfit a more thorough ironing, Collar Perfect can pull double duty as a regular iron.

Creator Brandon Dierker and his team have created a number of working prototypes, and are hoping to raise $40K over the next two months to pay for the first production run of the device. If you back the project now, you can lock one down for around 25 bucks — roughly the same as what you’d pay for a traditional iron. Barring any hiccups in manufacturing, the first units are expected to ship as early as April of next year.

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