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ConnectSense’s Smart In-Wall Outlet smartens up your dumb appliances

There’s no need to buy a host of smart appliances to take your home into the 21st century. You really need only to plug your existing appliances into a smart outlet from ConnectSense. Making its debut at CES this year is the connected In-Wall Outlet. Made by the same team that introduced the original Smart Outlet, ConnectSense’s In-Wall Outlet allows for “complete control and monitoring of any device that is plugged into either of the two Wi-Fi-connected outlets.” So whether you need to program your lights, your fans, or your mixer, you should be able to control everything from your phone thanks to the smart outlet and its companion app.

Thanks to an integration with Apple HomeKit, you can control the new outlet from anywhere in (or outside) of your home via Siri voice commands, or with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Not only can you control a single appliance, but HomeKit functionality also allows you to control groups of devices. The In-Wall Outlet also helps your plugged-in devices interact with other HomeKit-enabled products, even if they come from different manufacturers.

“We are focused on building best-in-class smart home devices that provide consumers with convenience and simplicity to their daily lives” said Adam Justice, founder of ConnectSense. “The In-Wall Outlet is our next step in expanding our connected product offerings, allowing customers to take the next step in smart home technology, from augmenting their existing home to building it in. By harnessing the power of Apple’s HomeKit, we are able to ensure a simple and secure way for our customers to control their homes.”

Apple’s HomeKit won’t always be the only smart home ecosystem with which ConnectSense products can play. The company says  it has plans this year to add support for other platforms as well, so you may be able to get the smart outlets to work with Amazon’s Echo or IFTTT.

And while the In-Wall Outlet can certainly help homeowners automate their households, the smart outlet is also suitable for commercial environments like office buildings, airports, factories, and universities.

ConnectSense products can be purchased at the company website, or from Apple or Amazon.

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