Baby Einstein: You can control this smart baby rocker from your phone

control the 4 in 1 smart connect cradle n swing with a smartphone baby rocker and
Motorized baby swings are nothing new. For years, parents have been able to strap in the baby, push a button, and free up their hands as the chair bounces or swings the child to sleep. Of course, you have to actually be in the room to operate these devices — until now.

4 in 1 Smart Baby Cradle and Swing appFisher Price’s new 4-in-1 Smart Connect Cradle ‘n Swing is exactly what it sounds like: a smartphone-controllable baby swing. Using the accompanying Smart Connect app (free for Android and iOS), parents can speed up, slow down, or stop the cradle without risking waking Junior by stepping on the squeaky floorboard.

Equipped with four rocking motions, the swing swivels so the baby can enjoy either a side-to-side and head-to-toe movement. There are six speeds that are all calm enough to help the kids drift off to Slumber Town. The swing, which can be plugged in or powered by battery, can be removed from its base to make it more portable.

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If Baby needs a little extra help to fall asleep, there are 16 songs and three nature sounds to soothe and shush, which can be turned on and off from the app or operate on a sleep timer. The music options are also acceptable directly from the app, should the infant need to listen to Gentle Breeze or Pachelbel’s Cannon in D on the go.

The cradle is also fully loaded for non-naptime activities, too. A mobile with three light-up birds is included, and Fisher Price this will keep kids “entertained for hours.” If you want to get alerts that the baby is fussing, you can turn on the Smart Sensor, as long as the music isn’t playing.

The cradle is on sale at Babies ‘R’ Us now for $200 and ships tomorrow.

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