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6 cool home gadgets from the International Home + Housewares Show

cool gadgets from the international home housewares show 2014 and
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There’s no place like the smart home. In fact, this market is expected to reach $58.68 billion by 2020 (up from $20.38 in 2014). It’s no surprise, then, that this year’s International Home + Housewares Show serves as a prime launch pad for important digital home goods.

Panasonic’s Future Mirror

Panasonic Smart Mirror
Panasonic imagines a smart mirror that shows you your makeup before you put it on. (Image credit: Digital Trends / Jenny McGrath)

Should you grow a ‘stache? Find out before standing out in the crowd, with Panasonic’s Future Mirror, which was also a standout at this year’s CES. An embedded camera in the interactive looking glass enables it to show a moving image of your face with extra facial hair or makeup in real time. It can also detect skin conditions and recommend products for optimum skin health. (The mirror is just a prototype right now.)

Panasonic’s Home Monitoring System

Panasonic Home Monitoring

Hold down the fort with the push of a button, using Panasonic’s new Home Monitoring System. It connects to your Wi-Fi router, allowing you to power it from your smartphone, tablet, and system handset. Remotely start up appliances, lights, and other home devices; survey the scene inside and out of your abode; and keep close watch on your baby or pet. ($250)

SodaStream’s Power Sparkling Water Maker

SodaStream Power Water

Quench your thirst and carbonation craving with one touch. SodaStream’s Power Sparkling Water Maker is the brand’s most advanced model to date. New features include touch-button automatic carbonation and three fizz levels. With over 100 varieties of flavored sparkling water mixes, healthy bubbly can be yours in an instant. (Available later this year for $149 to $169).

Bright Illuminating Digital Hand Mixer

OXO Bright Illuminating Digital Hand Mixer

Batter it up digitally, with the Bright Illuminating Digital Hand Mixer, one of 8 new items from the OXO On line, introduced at the International Home and Housewares show. With a powerful, quiet motor that self-adjusts like cruise control to consistently work at one of six digital speeds, your hands won’t tire out. A soft-glow LED headlight lights up your bowl, expanding your baking viewpoint. (Available later this year at retail stores for $80)

Aervana Electric Wine Aerator

Aervana Electric Wine Aerator

Wine tasting goes spill-proof with a new electric wine aerator from Aervana. Raise a glass, connect the tube, and place it into a bottle of your favorite red or white. With the push of a button, this elegant accessory can aerate and serve more than 250 bottles with one set of batteries. A non-drip dispenser spout ensures a steady, consistent pour rate. Cheers! ($99.98)
KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixing Bowl

KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixer Bowl

Adding yet another attachment to its famous Stand Mixer, KitchenAid introduced its Precise Heat Mixing Bowl. Alone it functions as a slow cooker, holding temperatures between 70 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit. With the mixer, the bowl — which comes with a flex edge beater, wire whip, and dough hook — can keep soups, risotto, or stew at a consistent temperature while stirring together the ingredients. (Available later this year for $330)

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