With floodlights, speakers, and charging ports, Coolbox puts your toolbox to shame

Remember the Coolest Cooler? The tricked-out ice chest outfitted with speakers, charging ports, and an integrated blender for making margaritas? Well good news: Somebody took the same concept an applied it to a toolbox… sort of.

You wont find a margarita station built into the Coolbox, but it does boast a lot of the same features as Coolest Cooler, as well as few other additions that make it unique and different.

Just like Kickstarter’s favorite cooler, the Coolbox is outfitted with a built-in rechargeable battery, a pair of Bluetooth speakers, and a slew of different outlets and ports so you can charge your gadgets and tools. But it doesn’t end there.

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Under the hood you’ll also find a set of LED floodlights; a retractable, 10-foot power cord; a pair of rollers for easy transport; a tablet stand; a whiteboard; and even an integrated bottle opener — basically everything you’d ever need at the job site. Oh, and it holds all your tools too. I think we forgot to mention that. The box sports nearly 1800 cubic inches of space and can hold up to 65 pounds of gear.

Unfortunately you can’t get your hands on one quite yet, but Coolbox’s creators have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to jumpstart production. It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours since the project launched, but it’s already blasted past its initial $50K funding goal. At the time of writing, they’re sitting on about $85K and still have 44 days left in the campaign.

All the early bird backer rewards have already been snagged, but you can still lock down a Coolbox of your own for about 170 bucks. If production goes smoothly, the company expects to ship the first units to backers as early as June 2015.

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