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Telling the time is just the beginning for this wall-projecting smart clock

What time is it, you ask? Time to call back your mother, break out the umbrella, or check your grocery list before darting off to the store. Oh, yeah by the way, it’s noon. Wouldn’t it be nice if the routine glance you throw at your wall-mounted clock could be a whole lot more informative? It’d be great if it could actually remind you that it’s your sister’s birthday today.

The Coolest Clock, developed by Vienna-based à tout le Monde Studios, is thisclose to coming to market, thanks to an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that’s already raised over $144,000, far surpassing its goal of $20,000.

Just what can this time piece do? For starters, its many smart “faces” can be customized to fit your décor, because the clock is basically a projector. There’s the place-setting option for the kitchen, and in the bedroom or bath, a floral face may be better suited. You can adjust the brightness of the clock’s display, so it won’t glow at all hours of the night.

The clock plugs in to a wall outlet, and your smartphone controls it. Once logged in to the app, users can select which features they want displayed. The clock can present the daily and weekly weather forecasts, show Facebook updates and tweets from friends, and display news feeds and the latest sports scores.

Coolest Clock.. ever. [for more information:]

In addition, you can notify your family of your location via your smartphone and this information will be displayed on the clock. Let your loved ones know that while you’re still stuck on the train or in a taxi to your hotel on European business. Want to overshare with your family? The clock can display what song you’re listening to, along with any photos you care to show them.

An energy-saving beacon feature, using a low-energy Bluetooth chip, syncs with your smartphone and automatically shuts on or off when enter or leave the room. Other nifty attributes include the digital or analog time mode, instant daylight savings time adjustment, and multiple time zone capability.

With all that money in the bank, the team may achieve their stretch goals of adding more face colors and including sound to enable music and radio play before the expected ship date of December 2015. Most of the early bird options are gone, but you can still get one for $189, which is over $100 off the expected retail price.

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