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Carrier turns up the heat on Nest with Côr, its own smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are so hot right now, so it’s no wonder heating and air conditioning specialist Carrier is getting into the game. At CES 2015, the company introduced the Côr smart thermostat.

The market isn’t exactly crowded, but it is dominated by Nest and Honeywell’s Lyric. Still, it makes sense for Carrier to get in the game. The company has been in business for 100 years and was founded by Willis Carrier, the inventor of modern air conditioning.

It’s clear Carrier has the expertise to back up Côr, but what’s less obvious is what sets the device apart from its predecessors. Carrier claims the thermostat will reduce heating and cooling costs by 20 percent, which is on par with Nest. Users can control the device via mobile apps and get reports on their energy usage, much like with similar thermostats. While Côr claims it’s simple to use, Carrier recommends professional installation. Its competitors are usually fairly easy to self-install.

The style of heater your home has hasn’t been much of a problem for Nest or Lyric, which are compatible with most all of them. Carrier’s products include air conditioners and furnaces, so if it can get ahead of the innovation game there, it could have the upper hand on its competition one day.

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