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Crests debuts a tech-forward suitcase made out of carbon fiber

CRESTS Luggage
You may not be a world-class spy or a superhero, but you can channel both personas with the right piece of luggage. At least, that is what the team behind Crests wants you to believe. The luxury carry-on is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter and claims to “stylishly integrates lightweight and superior strength along with today’s electronics and app features.” This certainly does not look like your average suitcase and it promises not to behave like one either.

“E-connected suitcases are not entirely new, with charging, tracking and other gadgets to add connectivity, but we wanted to truly modernize what luggage can be,” Marc Steeb, Crests co-founder, said in a statement. “We offer touch-sensitive control, an LCD screen, self-weighing, external force measurement, apps and more. Our eye-catching design also incorporates one of the strongest materials available, carbon fiber.”

A Crests suitcase is made of the same material used in an airplane and, as such, ought to be able to protect your precious cargo from even the roughest treatment. While Crests luggage promises to be supremely strong, it should not weigh you down.

“Imagine toiletries leaking everywhere on clothes and your personal possessions, or an expensive camera, fully damaged and never to be put back together again,” Steeb said. “Our Crests handmade design withstands more than 330 pounds of pressure. Travelers will appreciate the unique, front-facing clam-shell design. No longer will you have to struggle to dig out a laptop or documents, since those sleeves are right in the front clamshell.”

Aside from the protection provided by the suitcase itself, Crests also boasts a number of tech-forward (though perhaps unnecessary) features. For example, there is an LCD screen on the case that claims to display the weight of your suitcase (apparently, the Crest is capable of weighing itself). There are also two USB ports connected to a 10,000mAH lithium-ion battery — don’t worry, this part is removable. Plus, the entire system is apparently GPS-tracked and the suitcase’s alarm system connects to a companion smartphone app, so you can ensure that no one “accidentally” walks away with your bag.

You can pre-order a Crest for $695, which is certainly pretty steep for a suitcase. But if the bag does everything it says it will, it could be worth it. Delivery is slated for June 2018.

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