Cubists unite for an outdoor meal on this architectural Cuebe Grill

Cuebe Grill Expanded

When you love food as much as you do art and architecture, it’s only fair to find a common ground between all your passions. Thanks to this Cuebe Grill on wheels, you can begin enjoying the season’s warmer weather by rolling this beautifully designed compact grill wherever necessary for a day in the sun.

Since the Cuebe is somewhat portable, you can move the grill closer to you so you don’t have to constantly get up and walk away to the kitchen to check on the cooking status of each meat. It’s also very likely that when you do get up, someone will always manage to steal your seat. What if you happen to be mackin’ on a girl at a party? Don’t let your cooking duties interrupt your flow. The Cuebe Grill brings the convenience of cooking to you so you can also enjoy the smoky scent of a delicious barbecue while staying close an socializing with friends. Though, you may want to place the grill somewhere properly ventilated before everyone in the party walks out smelling like hamburgers.

The Cuebe Grill

Complete with a set of gas burners and a teppanyaki griddle, enjoy making any meal of choice while using minimal oil. The side panels fold out for extra holding space, and there are also plenty of storage space to keep utensils, containers, and equipments. While we’re not exactly sure what the dimensions of this grill is, we hope it is possible to stuff it in an SUV so it becomes a traveling kitchen that we can take along for a camping or road trip.

Like all fanciful gears, the Cuebe Grill is going to cost ya for its modern design and maximum portability. At approximately $3,900, you have a few months before summer truly kicks in for barbecue season.