Cuscino trunk-inspired couches are made for Louis Vuitton don nights


Who says leather couches have to look generic? If you’re a fan of vintage trunks or stylish handbags, the Cuscino easy chair might be perfect for your glamorous lifestyle.

The full set comes as a B.O.P, which stands for bench, ottoman, and pouf. You can purchase additional benches to extend the couch so it essentially becomes a daybed, or use the bench alone as vanity seating in your bedroom. Multifunctionalism for the win.

Cuscino extendedThe soft leather on the chair has pillow-like patterns stitched on top, then bounded by leather straps. According to the site description, the internal padding is “comprised of a sandwich foam densities” for maximum comfort and support. The Cuscino easy chair comes in black leather and a variety of strap colors and in both small or large straps. If you’re not a fan of all-leather, there are also weatherproof nylon straps… not that you were planning to leave this chair outside or anything, were you?

Anyhow, this leather chair set is hot. Nothing says rockstar status like a trunk-inspired furnishing to blow boring ol’ couches out of the water. And naturally, it’s gonna cost ya to have the look and feel of living Kanye West’s life. The Cuscino easy chair will run you anywhere between $1,750 to $2,050 apiece, with the optional additional bench at $975. But hey, free shipping within the states!

Furnitures that are a marriage between traditional or vintage look with a modern feel are the best kind of furniture. The same is true for the wooden functional Nintendo controller coffee table we saw yesterday that is a combination of retro gaming and 21st century chic. Though the Cuscino might not be able to sync with your old gaming system, it will definitely a get a lot more uses and make your home hold its own swag.