Customize your boring fridges with giant designer magnets

Kudu Magnet Fridge

We put custom skins on our iPods and cellphones because looking at plain ol’ solid colors can get boring. So why not do the same for the refrigerators we have sitting in the kitchen? It sure beats cheesy souvenir magnets you pick up at rest stops on road trips. Let Kudu Magnets do the artsy work.

Kudu Magnets are giant magnetic panels that you place on the surface of your fridge to spice up its appearance. The site offers a variety of designs to suit your personal taste, and can be custom made to fit any size fridge you own. The magnets are available in smaller pieces to add just a touch of style to the fridge, or full panels that cover the entire surface. You can even disguise your fridge with a food theme magnet to make the fridge appear as if it’s just another cabinet in your kitchen.

“Dressing up kids and pets is so passé. The new canvases of self-expression are appliances,” the Kudu Magnets site reads. “It’s difficult to approach fridge magnets in an imaginative way, but Kudu … [can] turn a common fridge to a work of art.”

Since the magnets are removable, you can switch them up according to mood, seasons, or themed parties you’re throwing to match the interior design with your every desire. This is especially helpful since one of the magnet designs features a girl suggestively eating a banana, so you might want to take this down when your parents are in town for a visit.

Kudu Magnets are approximately 0.4 inches thick and highly flexible, and they are made to be durable without bubbles beginning to form on the magnet surface. The prints are also waterproof so you can wipe the fridge clean without ruining the quality or color of the magnets while they’re still stuck on the fridge. If the designs don’t tickle your fancy, you can also contact Kudu Magnets about printing your own. No words yet on whether the magnets can accompany fridges with water and ice dispensers.

Depending on size and design, the magnets cost anywhere between $25 for an accent piece to $80 for the full freezer and regular compartment panels. You can also opt to buy one or the other if you feel like mismatching or covering only one panel of the fridge. For the month of April, you can purchase the magnets at a discount of 20 percent, with free shipping included. Judging by the variety of designs, from Abstract to “sexy:)” to Nature, there’s sure to be a print fit for everyone. Kudu Magnets ship internationally, but no refunds are accepted if your magnets were customly measured.

Image Credit: 2Modernblog