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Smart hub keeps kids connected to parents via smartphone, boosts security

cway memoo children smart hub ces 2017 c way
Kids start pressuring their moms and dads for smartphones early on, but parents often hold off for a variety of reasons, with security usually at the top of the list. C-Way’s Memoo smart hub addresses this dilemma by providing a source for information and entertainment for kids, as well as a connection to parents’ smartphones that boosts communication and security. Parents can leave messages, as well as send alerts and reminders, and kids can call parents with voice commands.

The colorful Memoo case is hypoallergenic and shockproof. Two touchscreen interfaces aid usability, and an integrated microphone captures voice commands. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless enable connections to local or remote smartphones and other internet sources selected by parents. The hub has stereo speakers for music and storytelling and is both European Union CE and U.S. Federal Communications Commission compliant.

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C-Way was founded in 2013 “to create a playful link between parents and children to live and grow together safely.” The Memoo smart hub can be configured and controlled entirely by the parent’s smartphone. Parents can configure the Memoo to allow children to connect with specific family members or friends, and can also choose radio stations and Spotify playlists for their children. In addition, parents can record daily reminders and notifications. Children can also ask questions that are sent as messages to the parent’s smartphone

Memoo serves as a nightlight and the children get to pick the color. To help children get to sleep, especially when their mom and dad are traveling, the parents can record a lullaby or a favorite bedtime story so their kids’ routine isn’t interrupted. The hub uses pictograms of the sun or a raindrop to indicate the weather and colored LED lights for temperature.

Configured and controlled by parents, Memoo can serve as a child’s alarm clock, calendar, scheduler, and iPod, as well as a convenient way to send and receive messages. Memoo gives kids a way to interact with digital technology for entertainment and communication without exposing them to the wide open internet.

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