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Dallas child orders a dollhouse and cookies via Alexa

By now, most everyone has heard of Amazon’s Alexa — a home digital assistant that can do everything from tell you the current temperature outside to order items online for you. Just tell it what you want from Amazon and before you know it, the delivery van is pulling up outside. The ultimate convenience, right? One Dallas tyke thought so. It seems that young Brooke Neitzel has jumped onto the information highway in a big way.

According to WFAA in Dallas, the Neitzel family was given an Echo Dot for Christmas. It was set up in the kitchen and that was that. Or so they thought. But Brooke was rather enchanted by the device, and Santa must not have delivered a new dollhouse, either. So she went to work. The term carpe diem comes to mind.

“She can do knock-knock jokes, she can sing, she can order stuff,” Brooke said on WFAA. “I just asked her if she could order a dollhouse and some cookies, and she said, ‘Do you want this?’ and I said ‘Yes.'”

KidKraft Sparkle Mansion ($162.32) showed up at the front door of the Neitzels’ North Dallas home, along with a four-pound tin of sugar cookies … because you gotta have some munchies while you’re playing with your new dollhouse. Brooke’s mother was tipped off when she received an order confirmation message. “I get an Amazon notification that says your order has shipped, and I thought that’s interesting,” Neitzel told WFAA. “I had not made an order!”

Turns out the dollhouse will be donated to a local children’s hospital, and the cookies are being doled out judiciously. And Mr. and Mrs. Neitzel learned how to put parental controls on their new device. “It took about five seconds to put those parental controls on there,” Mrs. Neitzel adds.

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