Danish firm BIG architects make shortlist for St. Petersburg Pier competition

Danish firm BIG architects have been shortlisted as one of the finalists for the St. Petersburg Pier International Design Competition. This looping structure, which gradually stretches out into Tampa Bay, will offer a myriad of functions to the surrounding area. A branching path will form a ‘tributary park,’ which will contain a garden and park as well as a museum, observation deck, playgrounds, and natural forested areas.

In addition, the iconic pier will house a space for concerts and shows underneath its looping roof, providing entertainment areas as well as shelter from the weather. Visitors will be able to ascend the building and peer out onto the bay or towards the city on the generated roof terrace. Space will be set aside for banquet halls and other mixed use functions. For those on the water, an area for kayaks, canoes, and small scale boats will sit aside the looping pier.