Demoing the app-controlled Samsung Smart Washer and Dryer

demoing the app controlled samsung smart washer and dryer

A myriad of home appliances are now beginning to have smartphone control capabilities: air conditioners, thermostats, even a stovetop! Most recently added to this lineup is Samsung’s Smart Washer and Dryer, a combination that can be controlled directly from your Samsung Galaxy S3 or other Android and iOS devices. The front-loading Smart Washer and Dryer both feature an 8-inch LCD touchscreen control panel which comes with 21 and 14 types of cycles respectively so you can adjust the settings to match the fabric delicacies or heaviness of each load.

demoing the app controlled samsung smart washer and dryerSamsung demonstrated the app for us yesterday, noting that both machines are Wi-Fi enabled so you can control the machine from anywhere in the house — even if your laundry room is in the basement. With the smartphone app, you can also set or schedule the machines to power on or off remotely. A neat use of this could be to leave your load in the dryer and only turn it on an hour before you get home so the clothes will be fresh and warm when you arrive. Alternatively, you can also use your kids’ help in pre-loading the machines and turning it on yourself from work to make sure the correct settings are applied. The machines are both high capacity, fitting up to 31 bath towels per load.

With a few taps of the touchscreen, whether on your phone or the built-in machine panel itself, users have the option of selecting cycle types and delay starts on the full-colored menu. In recent news of children accidentally being locked or falling into the washer or dryer before the machine cycles begin, the Samsung Smart Washer and Dryer have also integrated a child lock feature to ensure kids will not be able to find the extra large machines as toys. 

Both the Smart Washer and Dryer are available in classic Samsung white or grey colors, with the latter being $100 more expensive… for an unexplained reason. The dryer also comes in an option of electric or gas-powered — an additional $100 if opting for the gas version. The washer and dryer begin at $1,599 each.