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DinnerCall lets you order pre-made meals from your grocery store

The Barrow Family + DinnerCall
Healthier food options are more in demand than ever, and as people spend more hours at work, many are are too tired to cook a nutritional meal after a long day. This leads to the unhealthy consumption of fast food for dinner. DinnerCall is a service that takes away the stress of wondering what’s for dinner by giving you the ability to order pre-made meals from your local grocery store. 

With DinnerCall, families have the option of choosing ready-to-eat meals, which consist of an entree, side, vegetable side, baked bread, and dessert, or preparing their own meals with pre-measured ingredients. After choosing your meal of choice, pay through the app and indicate a specific pick-up time. When arriving at the grocery store, simply give them a call and the food will be delivered to your car.

“In the last 12 years, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges and opportunities for innovation in the grocery prepared meal space. Grocery has the infrastructure to provide a delicious dinnertime solution to millions of households each day, they simply need the technology to profitably execute on this opportunity,” said co-founder and CEO of DinnerCall Gerry Hays. “Engaging families outside the store when they are thinking about tonight’s dinner creates a new daily revenue stream with zero food waste.”

DinnerCall gives grocery stores the opportunity to meet its growing demand for fresh food. “With DinnerCall, we are able to close dinnertime sales before we even start cooking for the day,” said Judson Naifeh, CEO of Naifeh’s Food Store. The technology allows the company to meet the high demands of dinnertime with convenient and affordable family-style options.

DinnerCall’s mobile commerce platform will be launching in select grocers some time this month. The app is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

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