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Save time and money on dinner with the Dinnerly meal kits

Saving money generally seems to be the rationale behind cooking at home, but if your cooking is contingent upon meal kit deliveries, you may not be saving all that much money after all. With per person prices sometime rivaling restaurant and takeout tabs, it’s not always clear why you’d dirty up your kitchen if it’s not even good for your wallet. Luckily, Marley Spoon is here to help. The global meal kit company has just announced the expansion of its truly affordable offering, Dinnerly. With meals priced at just $5 a person, this is one kit that really will go easy on your bank account.

Dinnerly made its debut on the West Coast in June 2017, and in the last few months, has quickly grown to cover a greater proportion of the American populace. After all, we’re all united in our desire to eat well and for cheap. By August, Dinnerly’s territory had expanded to include most of the Midwest and the South, and now, Dinnerly can also be found in the Northeast, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, District of Columbia, and Pennsylvania. With this latest slew of states, the company claims to cover 92 percent of the U.S. population.

“In June, we were able to address the most important customer need in the meal kit space – affordability – with the successful launch of Dinnerly,” the Marley Spoon team noted in a release. “Despite innovation in the meal kit market, Dinnerly is the first in the U.S. market that does not force the customer to choose between convenience, quality, and cost.”

Like other meal kit offerings, Dinnerly subscribers will receive a chilled box filled with fresh, pre-proportioned ingredients that promise to become dinner in 30 minutes or less. The straightforward recipes aren’t printed and included in the box, but can rather be found on the companion app, allowing for a more digital and environmentally friendly approach. Dinnerly is available in two subscription plans — for $39 a week, you’ll receive three dinners for two adults; for $69 a week, you’ll receive three dinners for four adults. Both plans include a $9 shipping fee.

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