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Domino's and IFTTT team up to make people lazier, one pizza at a time

dominos ford driverless pizza delivery
Domino’s and IFTTT (If This Then That) have partnered up to create a lazy solution for couch potatoes and pizza lovers alike. The pizza delivery giant already lets you track your pizza as it goes from creation to the oven to your door. Domino’s integrated its pizza tracker with IFTTT, and by connecting the platform to your smart home, you can get all ready for your pizza dinner without even getting up off of the couch.

For instance, if you live on a dark street or the pizza man has a tough time finding your house, the system can turn on your porch lights automatically, so the pizza man isn’t stuck looking for your house in the dark.

Don’t want to drench the pizza man when he arrives? No worries. You can make it so your Rachio Smart sprinkler system automatically turns off when your order is out for delivery. Having neighbors over for pizza? You can even change the color of your Hue lights when your order is in the oven, so your friends next door know the pizza is coming soon. You can also set the system to email certain friends and family when your pie is in the oven.

Domino’s and IFTTT have integrated other features, too, like the ability to play a song from your Android phone when your order is in the oven; or, the option to turn on your Harmony TV when the Domino’s crew begins preparing your order. You can also clean your house before your guests arrive without getting up — the system can set your Samsung robot vacuum to start cleaning your house when the Domino’s crew starts making your ‘za.

While Domino’s and IFTTT may be out for publicity, users can now get ready for a pizza party — with entertainment, a clean house, and food — without doing any work.

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