Don’t look down in this glass floor bathroom unless you want to be scared crapless

Elevator Bathroom

What do you make of leftover space when you restructure an old building and don’t have anything to make out of the pre-made elevator shaft? Why, if you’re architect Hernandez Silva, you’d build a toilet right on top of the space, complete with a glass floor to give guests the illusion of walking over air.

It’s simply the easiest way to make going to the bathroom more natural than ever especially if your biggest fear is falling into an eternal sinkhole. The creepy but cool design came after Silva decided to not install a private elevator entrance in the 15-level shaft inside of a 1970s Mexican colonial style penthouse. Instead, he used the feature as a form of joke or entertainment for unsuspecting guests.

The floor-less effect also makes the bathroom look slightly bigger and more airy than had the floor been filled with traditional marble or tile. Not worry though: The glass is industrial strength and strong enough to support any guest no matter what size as long as they’re brave enough to use this particular bathroom.

Hernandez Silva penthouseThe bathroom fits in with the rest of the home’s aesthetics which eliminate the use of walls and instead opting for large glass windows to provide openness and space expansion. This also fills the contemporary style penthouse with more light and natural scenery while red columns, walls, and cabinets accent the home. You would never imagine this four-bedroom space to hold such a surprise in the bathroom. Everything looks so shiny and slippery, we’re hoping that’s the one place you wouldn’t want to slide around in. Alternatively, you can always stick a carpet in the middle of the floor to disguise the 15 stories underneath, but where’s the fun in that? After a couple of tries, we’re sure you’ll get used to the effect and even come to appreciate its quirk. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to try this bathroom out.