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Don’t miss your chance to get this robot vacuum for under $100

Anker Eufy 25C Robot Vacuum placed on a carpet while lit up.

There are few things more disheartening than coming home from a long day of work and having to do housework, such as cleaning up from last night’s pizza and Netflix marathon. Even if you work from home, you probably don’t want to work in an environment that’s dusty or dirty, and cleaning up can be exhausting. That’s where robot vacuums come in, and while they won’t be able to clean table-top surfaces or your cupboards, they can handle all your floors relatively well.

Of course, there are lots of different levels of robot vacuums, from simple ones that can tell where a wall is to more complex ones that map your house and schedule and can empty themselves out. The Eufy 25C sits in the middle; while it can’t empty itself, it can handle more complex things like pet hair and even has an app that lets you control it. You can grab it from Walmart right now for just $96, rather than the $250 it usually goes for, which is a significant discount and great value.

Why you should buy the Anker Eufy 25C robot vacuum

Anker’s Eufy is a mainstay in our roundup of the best robot vacuums, so you can expect a high-quality device if you purchase the Anker Eufy 25C. With a suction power of 1,500Pa, a triple-brush cleaning system, and three-layer filtration, the robot vacuum will be able to pick up all kinds of dirt, debris, and pet hair from various surfaces such as carpets and hard floors. For tough situations, the BoostIQ feature will automatically increase suction power for even more thorough cleaning. The robot vacuum can run for up to 100 minutes before its battery gets depleted, upon which it will return to its base to recharge in preparation for the next session.

Sensors are among the most important features to consider, according to our guide on how to choose a robot vacuum. The Anker Eufy 25C won’t disappoint with its drop-sensing technology that will prevent it from falling down ledges and stairs. The Eufy Home app will let you keep track of where it is in your home, and it can also be used to give commands to start or stop cleaning. You can also tap digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant to issue these orders through smart speakers.

There’s no shortage of robot vacuum deals online, but it will be tough to find a more tempting offer than Walmart’s $154 price cut for the Anker Eufy 25C. The discount pulls the device’s price to just $96, which is less than half its sticker price of $250. You shouldn’t waste time if you want the Anker Eufy 25C robot vacuum to clean your floors because we’re unsure if it will still be this cheap tomorrow. With more than 500 units sold in the previous 24 hours, you need to buy it now while stocks are still available.

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