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Take control of your tap water with the DrinkPure screw-on filter

drinkpure water filter dph cu 2
You have to drink it every day, so it’s only natural that you would want your water to be as clean and pure as possible. DrinkPure wants to help. This high-tech water filter from Swiss company Novamem has already been implemented for outdoor use, but now, the DrinkPure is being made available for your home.

Almost absurdly simple, the DrinkPure is a screw-on device that allows you to turn just about any water into safe drinking water. “Current faucet-mounted filters can only remove chlorine. For us, this clearly wasn’t enough,” Michael Loepfe, CTO and co-founder of Novamem told Bored Panda. His co-founder, Christoph Kellenberger, added, “It was our challenge to come up with a revolutionary new product that can effectively remove pathogens to make tap water safe, all over the world.”

Using membrane filtration technology that is most commonly found in pharmaceutical applications, the Novamen team created a home water purifier that also features high performance and self-sterilizing activated carbon to ensure that your water is as drinkable as possible. The membrane is said to contain more than three billion pores and a flow rate that is 10 times higher than any other comparable membrane (which means less water waste). Not only does the DrinkPure claim to remove odors and pesticides, but it also removes pathogens. In fact, the team asserts that its filter is capable of removing 99.9 percent of bacteria, and 99 percent of viruses.

“Buying bottled water is expensive,” Novamen notes on its website. But one of DrinkPure’s filter cartridges is said to last up to 130 gallons, and could help a family save more than $1,000 a year. And more importantly, could help reduce plastic bottle waste by 99 percent. Indeed, the replaceable core of the water filter also means that you don’t have to worry about generating plastic waste each time you change your filter, and because the system is self-disinfecting, it’s about as sustainable a device as they come. As it stands, the Novamen team hopes to raise $40,000 from its Kickstarter campaign, and will be offering its DrinkPure in three designs (plastic, chrome, and stainless steel), and at three corresponding price points.

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