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Forget to floss and feed the fish? Droplet is a reminder button for everything

These days, there are dozens of apps and alarms you can use to remind yourself of items on your to-do list. That being said, wouldn’t it be easier to have a single go-to resource for all of these reminders? Enter Droplet.

Small enough to fit on a medicine cap, Droplet is a little button you can stick to anything associated with a daily or weekly task you want to remember. The device, from Droplet Life, is targeted toward individuals who want to track everything from fitness goals to household chores.

“We know how often reminders on phones can be ignored and end up being more of a hindrance than a help,” said creator Joshua Newth. “With Droplet, we are creating something physical, simple, and habit-forming, to help people achieve their goals.”

Droplet is about the size of a quarter, and it comes in milky white with a drop-like shape. The Bluetooth device works with a hub that connects to your Wi-Fi and the cloud, as well as the Droplet app, which lets you track your daily activities. Through the app, you can set up reminders for all of your tasks and keep an eye on your progress as you complete them.

Droplet Reminder Button AppTake the chore of laundry, for example. You can stick the droplet device onto your clothes hamper where the task needs to be started. Then, you can input the chore into the app, which will remind you when it needs to be done. To turn off the reminder, you can press the droplet device to light up a green button, which tells the app that it’s been completed. Droplet not only eliminates forgetfulness, but laziness.

It even has Amazon Dash Button-like abilities. Droplet has also been designed to help you re-order supplies from online retailers and track periods of time, like the time you spent doing crunches or working on a client’s project. You can even tell Droplet when to send an automatic text message from your phone.

Currently, Droplet Life is creating a new channel on the online platform IFTTT, which will allow the device to connect to more than 170 services and products. A single Droplet plus its hub is available on Kickstarter for $39, and it is expected to ship in December 2015.

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