DT Giveaway: Win the Withings Aura sleep system to monitor your Zzzs

withins aura

Getting a good night’s sleep sure is hard, but the Withings Aura sleep system makes it a bit easier. In addition to keeping tabs on your sleep patterns, the Aura will even wake you up at the right moment with a gentle, pulsing light. It’s one of the best sleep systems out there, and that’s why we here at Digital Trends are giving one away to a lucky winner!

Withings Aura comes with a light sensor pad that slips under your pillow top or mattress topper, and a wake-up light that changes colors. The pad is packed full of sensors that track micromovements while you sleep to determine when you are submerged in a deep sleep or stuck tossing and turning. Withings uses high-tech algorithms to figure out the nature and quality of your sleep. The Aura can even track two people at the same time, as well as detect breathing cycles and heart rate.

Using all that data, the Aura determines what is the best time to wake you up, so that you don’t get startled out of a dead sleep. The Aura’s color-changing light bulb will quietly pulse to awaken you, during your light sleep cycle. That way you won’t be so rudely awakened. We’ve given other Withings products high praise in our reviews, and the Aura is another great piece of tech from the French company. If you’ve always wanted a Beddit, Tempurpedic bed, or some other cool sleeping gadget, this is the giveaway for you.

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