Dutch trio ‘turns tables’ on cycling with record-playing bike

With nearly 85 percent of the population in the Netherlands owning at least one bicycle, it’s fair to say that the Dutch know their bikes. In fact, of all the countries in the world, only the Chinese outnumber the Dutch in total amount of bikes ridden daily. It should come as no surprise that a unique and creative amount of bicycles would emerge from the particularly flat, bike-loving nation.

Enter the Feats Per Minute, a record-playing bicycle with a set of wheel-mounted turntables that play music as you pedal.

The collaborative project is from Dutch designers Merel Slootheer, Liat Azulay, and Pieter Frank de Jong, The Feats Per Minute (a pun on fiets, the Dutch word  for bicycle) was initially reconstructed out of an old Alpina bike that the team upgraded from salvaged parts of vertical record players. In keeping with their aim of making the Feats Per Minute as low-tech as possible, the only outside energy source is a nine-volt battery that powers the amplifier on the bike.

While still a mere prototype, the team is hoping to expand upon its design and take the record-playing bike global.