Dyson Digital Slim DC44: Hey girl, you’ve lost weight

dyson dc44 digital slim animal

Vacuum cleaners are not particularly the sexiest of gadgets, but the new model of Dyson’s Digital Slim machine is looking pretty good, if we do say so ourselves. An update from the previous DC35 model, the Digital Slim DC44 Animal is sleeker, longer, while maintaining the lightweight and cordless feature customers have come to love.

dyson dc44 digital slim animal no attachmentCreated for spot cleaning purposes, the powerful Digital Slim can extend up to the average ceiling height or get under couches and beds to help get rid of those pesky dust bunnies. The kit comes with all sorts of attachments to fit your cleaning needs. Weighing a mere five pound, the new design also boasts the Dyson patented Root Cyclone technology which allows for 20 minutes of cleaning in one charge, or a burst of 8-minute intense suction.

“It’s an incredibly powerful machine considering it’s all done on batteries,” Alex Knox, Dyson’s industrial design director, told The New York Times. No word on how long it takes to fully charge the batteries, but we can’t imagine it’d be too long for a short burst of power.

While 20 minutes worth of cleaning might be helpful for a quick clean up, be prepared to balk at the price. This is a Dyson, after all. Launching some time this September, expect the Dyson Digital Slim DC44 Animal to run at $400 on Dyson.com and in stores. And yes, that price tag comes with a two year warranty and free shipping.